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Sales book - option 1

To Sell Is Healthy Book PLUS FREE Sales Tool Kit (Inc: Phone Scripts, Call Handling Training Video AND More…)

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Sales book - option 1

To Sell Is Healthy Book PLUS FREE Sales Tool Kit (Inc: Phone Scripts, Call Handling Training Video AND More…) PLUS Additional Wealth Marketing DVD Program AND 60 Day Test Drive of Paul’s “Marketing Academy” (Just $11 more)

* $11 Test Drive of Paul's Marketing Academy is limited to one per person.


Many physical therapists feel uncomfortable when selling or asking for money. But is it really wrong to sell when what you do changes people’s lives?

When what you do helps people to walk further without pain, sleep better at night and get more living from their life every day… Why is it considered unprofessional or unethical to sell a solution to all of those things?

In this book, Paul Gough asks the question, “Is selling in physical therapy really unprofessional?” Or, “Is the process of selling and how to do it right, misunderstood by physical therapists?”

“Is there an outdated view of selling that needs to be correct?” Or, “Is it that there’s simply a lack of CONFIDENCE to do it for the fear of being rejected or labelled as “salesy” when you do?”

All of these questions and more will be answered in this book. If you’ve ever worried over what patients think of you when asking for money - or you just don’t feel confident when doing it - you’ll love this new and almost “Effortless” way of selling your services without coming across as salesy or feeling like you’re being judged.

If You’ve Ever Worried Over What People Think Of You… This Book Is For YOU!

Instead of worrying over being judged by patients or peers, or living in fear of rejection to what you’re selling, you’re about to discover the principles behind Paul Gough’s new Effortless Selling System that’ll turn you into a magnet for certainty and confidence attracting more patients than you can handle.

Here’s Just Some Of What You’ll Learn:

And so much more including:

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Option 1 (Good) : Free “Sales Toolkit” With Phone Scripts and Training Videos

Sales book - option 1

As you’ll discover in the book, selling is not about “closing” or being “pushy” and nor is it about telling them what to do. It’s much easier than that; it’s about saying the right things, in the right way, at the right time. That’s why I want to give you the front desk telephone script that I’ve been using for YEARS at my own clinic to convert inquiries to paying patients. It quite literally tells you what to say, when, and how to say it.

As you will soon discover, in this book I reveal the importance of asking the RIGHT QUESTIONS and your Sales Tool Kit comes complete with 10 of the best questions you could ask in any sales situation such as converting new patients on the phone, in the treatment room or even stopping drop offs and cancels. I’m also going to give you a FREE training video to discover even more about how to confidently overcome objections to your services.

Collectively, this phone script and asking the right questions at the right time has added $100,000’s to my clinic over the years and you’ll have instant access to them all, as soon as you order below…

Option 2 (Better) : Free “Sales Toolkit” PLUS Wealth Marketing (9 Module Program) AND Test Drive My Marketing Academy For 60 Days

Sales book - option 1

Choose this option, and AS WELL as the Sales Tool Kit you can access straight away, I’ll also give you instant access to my “WEALTH MARKETING” DVD program.

This is a 9-module program (Value $1997) that covers everything from how to fill up workshops, how to do new patient testimonials, getting leads from community events, converting cash pay patients - and how I use social media at my clinic (…plus so much more).

And, if you are not already member of my new Marketing Academy, you’ll get a free 60 day “test drive” for just $11...

That test drive includes access to my online Facebook community, as well as two months of the 32 page monthly Planet Paul Marketing Publication and coaching CD, plus support from my coaching team to help you grow your business.

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To Sell Is Healthy book PLUS FREE Sales Tool Kit Bonus 

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To Sell Is Healthy book PLUS Additional Wealth Marketing DVD Program AND 60 Day Test Drive of Paul’s “Marketing Academy” (Just $11 more)

* $11 Test Drive of Paul's Marketing Academy is limited to one per person.

What People Are Saying About Paul’s Effortless Selling System…

“Without Paul’s Effortless Selling System, I would NEVER have been able to convert over $6000 worth of new patients within the first month of opening my clinic.”.

Joshua Hall, Hall Physical Therapy, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Since discovering Paul’s Effortless Sales System I’m now equipped with a clear framework to handle objections, I don’t feel like I’m winging it, desperately trying to convince someone to pay for my services, and even better - my staff have the skills to confidently convert inquires to actual paying patients and at MORE than $100 per session!”.

Carrie Jose Gove, CJ Physical Therapy, Portsmouth, NH

“Paul’s Sales System is fantastic! I’ve raised my rates with zero resistance, have “fired” all of our crappy insurance companies, and my front desk staff have a new-found confidence when speaking with patients on the phone! I’m excited to raise my rates again soon.”.

Victoria Rendle, QuayPhysio, Devon, UK

“If you want to be able to charge higher rates, have higher profits and less push back from patients - you cannot make that happen without Paul’s Effortless Selling System.”

Stefani Wylie, MPower Physical Therapy Dallas, TX

“Paul teaches you the stuff that isn’t taught in school. His teachings and Effortless Sales System has had a serious impact on all of the clinics in our franchise and across Quebec since working with him.”

Alain Sheldeman, Action Sport Physiotherapy, Montreal, Canada

Paul's “TO SELL IS HEALTHY” Book Proudly Being Displayed by Top Physical Therapists All Over The World”...

PTs around the world displaying their copy of To Sell is Healthy

About The Two Time No.1 Best Selling Author Of The Book

Paul Gough

PAUL GOUGH is a two time No.1 bestselling author of The New Patient Accelerator Method, The Physical Therapy Hiring Solution, and The Healthy Habit. He is also a former professional soccer physical therapist turned successful clinic owner from the UK (a country where healthcare is free). He is the founder of the Paul Gough Physio Rooms – a successful cash pay clinic he started from a spare room in his home with no money down and with no business or marketing skills. He has since scaled his clinic from one to four locations, and zero to $1m in cash pay revenue and he now helps clinic owners all across America and around the world to get more cash pay patients using his proven systems.